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iMedisearch/HON Toolbar for Firefox Download

This is a specialized toolbar developed by Health On the Net Foundation that installs a searchbox onto Firefox browser. From this searchbox, one can access iMedisearch as well as HON search engines. This tool also allows for identification of HON-certified Web sites: the HON logo brightens up when the browser opens an HON-accredited site.

To download the toolbar:

1. Click here to access the HON Plugin download page.

2. Click on "Download Now" button across from HON Toolbar for Firefox as indicated below by the red arrow.

3. Follow the prompts after download is completed to install the toolbar.

4. To access iMedisearch, click on the drop down menu as indicated by the blue arrow below and select iMedisearch. Enter the search term in the search box and press Enter. For HON search engine, do likewise and select HONsearch from the drop down menu.


We are grateful to Health On the Net Foundation for developing this toolbar for us; and we are honored to collaborate with HON in providing users with tools needed to access reputable health information on the Internet.

We comply with the HONcode standard for

trustworthy health information. Verify here.

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