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iMedisearch is a medical search engine that searches only from reliable medical resources. It was developed to address the weaknesses of traditional general search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo which cannot realistically distinguish between reliable and non-reliable websites and which have no way of knowing who is doing the search. iMedisearch delivers reliable search results appropriate for the searchers, whether they are members of the general public (with little medical knowledge) or sophisticated medical practitioners such as doctors.

iMedisearch is recognized and used worldwide, with at least 3 textbooks and over ten research papers featuring it and many institutions recommending it, including the National Insitute of Health National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Please see here.

iMedisearch was originally developed as an extension of features of a pharmacist's clinical resources website - RPhWorld. It was developed out of needs to search pharmacists' trusted and reliable online resources without having to go through each of the websites one at a time. The author, a clinical pharmacist, personally tested this new search engine in his practice and found that it returns much more relevant results compared with the traditional Google. The search engine seems to know that the user is a pharmacist by returning results a pharmacist would be interested in such as drug information and continuing education. This engine was shared with colleagues and with other pharmacists on RPhWorld.com. The feedbacks were overwhelmingly positive.

These encouraging feedbacks lead to further development of the search module for physicians, then one for patients or the general public, and eventually one for nurses and allied healths.

iMedisearch is an independent entity. We are neither funded nor supported by any third party. However, we do collaborate with HON in providing our users with iMedisearch/HON Toolbar. We also host Google sponsored ads. We do not have control over Google ads content, and our editorial content and the search results are free of any commercial influence. The Google ads contents are distinguished from other contents by the word "Ads by Google". 

We aim to make this search engine as robust and userfriendly as possible. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Author: Hong Kao, BScPhm, BCPS


iMedisearch: The story of a medical search engine from Ontario

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